Wargaming developer talks about World of Tanks

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Wargaming developer talks about World of Tanks

Post by Mindworx on Mon Jun 15, 2015 10:28 am

99% TRUE! Not 100% because it's not in Russian! lol!


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Re: Wargaming developer talks about World of Tanks

Post by captain_karpov on Wed Jun 17, 2015 9:05 am


I dont spend money on this game anymore (I used to but not for 2 years).

My only gripes are...

1. Clanmates not doing training events.
2. Lack of a skill based MM option (note the word option).

I dont see the problem with gold ammo as the myth of noobs not aiming is a myth - unless you are very close then RNG determines how good you are anyway.

I also recall the time when some TC opponents would shoot gold when you could NOT buy it with in game credits. They paid to win.

As for arty, I dont play tier 8/9/10 in random games so it rarely bothers me, at tier 6 (possibly 7 also) it is very weak, I think you have to be a terrible player to be griefed by it at mid/low tier.

The one thing money cannot buy is a good clan, it doesnt cost anything to be an active member of a good clan but it does require some effort (turning up for training events and joining a skirmish when 6/9 people have been waiting 10-15 minutes) and not putting all your effort into grinding tier 10 tanks you will most likely hardly ever get to play.

I used to blame WG for stuff but now I think the game is what people make it same for the clan.


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