Recruitment Proposal

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Recruitment Proposal

Post by captain_karpov on Thu Jun 25, 2015 6:18 am

I recently heard talk of a training clan (I think it was Divine).

I think the sentiment behind this is good but I also think there is a better option...

We make an ingame channel called something like "-VIC- pioneers", we let noobs join it and provided they are not in a clan we offer them free advice and the chance to toon or even skirmish with us.

The advantages of this over a second noob clan are as follows.

1. We need no second accounts to run a training clan.
2. Potential talent can play in our skirmish (no clans allowed so all are legionaires).
3. We can advertise this on the WOT newcomers/training forum without breaking the rules.
4. It costs nothing.
5. Potential recruits would not be messing up the clan WR etc while learning the game.
6. Unlike a training clan where a few people do shitloads of hard work we can easily all contribute even if it is only with some advice.

It would mean anyone online in -VIC- making the channel when no one else is online to keep it alive (unless they changed channel life mechanics) but this is not asking much of anyone.

Our active player numbers are a bit low right now, we need to recruit a few more people while maintaining our standards in the clan.


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Re: Recruitment Proposal

Post by creaman on Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:35 pm

I like the idea, and it is to some degree what we already have done with ajgooner (in the clan) and mortencb (outside the clan).

I got some days off in the weeks to come so Im up for some forum and ingame work. Lets talk on ts.


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