Himmelsdorf-how to defend Vs a heavier enemy

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Himmelsdorf-how to defend Vs a heavier enemy

Post by captain_karpov on Wed Aug 20, 2014 7:43 pm

I will use tier 6 skirmish as the example.

Lets imagine our team is the typical balanced team for all maps.

2 KV2/S
4 hellcats/12t
1 chaffee/ELC

The enemy team typically is...

1 Hellcat
6 Heavy tanks (1S)

The enemy has more HP and more alpha, and more armour. Realistically we should camp in such a way as to get a couple of shots off when they push/rush.
If they don't push/rush then we will need a new plan, I would suggest sending a couple of light tanks to scout and then take the hill, then using that position to snipe.

Back to the topic...

Starting south, initial deployment.

The heavy tanks and one sniper (hellcat best choice here) hold the base position shown and aim north at the fountain area, the idea for them is to get 1 or 2 shots off at a middle rushing enemy then retreat 1 square west.

The fastest scout (ELC/Chaffee) makes a spotting run shown by the green route.

The remaining tanks 12T/hellcatssit as shown on the 3 line and aim north, you can position yourself to have a shot right up the 3 line from that area.

One of the remaining tanks 12T/Hellcat sits in J2 with binos to spot/snipe the 1-2 lines. The dotted red lines are areas to aim at.

The blue line is the second scout run, it the enemy are not spotted in the first run, if the enemy is spotted in the first run then the scout should have a free game while waiting for any orders, trying to avoid risks.

Starting South Reacting to the Rush.


In the example above, the enemy have pushed hard through the middle towards our base, the red lines are to illustrate where they could go, of course they might not split up at all. However if they take any or all these red arrowed routes, then we should react as shown by the green arrows.

The solo 12T/hellcat who was covering the 1-2 lines should join the scout and together they should harass the enemy from the rear - free game (trying to stay at some distance or somewhere they can retreat from). The next map shows a typical route for these two tanks and the red dotted lines show some firing angles. They should also listen for orders to cap.

Starting in the North

Initial Deployment

Similar plan to the south.

The lone sniper/spotter on C2 must be very alert to retreat if heavy push comes at him, ideally this tank will be a bit quicker than a hellcat, a 12T/chaffee/type 64.

The scout makes his first run shown in green, and his second if nothing happens shown in blue.

A3 is where the other snipers must be as far back as possible but still able to hit G3, as always in a sniper role maximum distance unless ordered otherwise.

Again the HTs sit with one sniper (hellcat is best) and aim as shown through the middle, they should get 1-2 shots off before retreating from a rushing enemy ream.

The next map shows the positions to take if rushed by cavemen...


Again the lone sniper joins the scout to harass the enemy rear, this time the HTs have gone into the building next to the base and the snipers have joined them, the HT should show as little as possible through the windows, just the gun manlet if possible. The plan is for their heavies to bounce a few shots, and our heavies (KV2 I hope) to get 2 good shots off causing serious damage. After one or two volleys like this, then the sniper tanks become "poker" tanks and poke about trading shots with an enemy which has now lost HP.

If the FC gives the order "everyone trade shots" then that must include the two tanks in the second group which will mean close combat if they dont have a shot.

It may look odd placing the snipers in this building behind the HTs but they are also there to inflict damage on the enemy if the enemy rushes the HTs who are using the windows.


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