Player Assessment/Training Programme

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Player Assessment/Training Programme

Post by captain_karpov on Sat Jan 31, 2015 10:43 pm

I will be speaking to everyone in the clan individually and showing you some screenshots of map/game situations and asking you a few simple questions.

The aim is to find out if we need to do any training in this area. Please do not disclose the nature of the questions to your clanmates, if people have gaps in their knowledge/understanding then we need to find out to help them.

We will not be chucking anyone out who cannot answer the questions so do not panic, it is simply to make an assessment of where we can improve. There will most likely be a bit of training based on the overall results.

Each assessment will take about 15 minutes on TS3, but if you want to make it longer and ask questions back at me, put forward ideas etc etc then no problem.

There may be a second phase to this programme involving questions on player skills, this second phase is open to suggestions.


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