The Ten Commandments

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The Ten Commandments

Post by captain_karpov on Mon Mar 25, 2013 10:37 am

The following code of laws was revealed to me on the hill of Prohorovka scratched onto an empty ammo shell, beside the wreck of a burning Bison....

1. Thou shall not block another mans shot.

2. Thou shall not hide behind a team mate who has less health. thou shall make efforts to cover such team mates, nor shall thou hesitate to push if on full health, when commanded to do so.

3. Thou shall not advance or wait in an idiot column, a firing line or combat formation shall be thine natural order (arty cover allowing), thou shall master the art of grouping up on the move.

4. Thou shall not divide thou fire unless it is with good reason. Nor shall thou stop and shoot unless ordered to do so.

5. Thou shall not split up if pushing as a group, thou shall see the logic of all being able to hit thine same foe.

6. Thou shall not trade shots on corners when ordered to stay safe.

7. Thou shall obey thine company commander, their word shall be the alpha and the omega.

8. Thou shall not be intimidated by stat whores, whatever the prettiness of their name colours or the rudeness of their smack talk, team play and the IS3 (peace be upon the divine tank) shall be thine god, thou shall not worship the false gods.

9. Thou shall remain arty safe when it is prudent to do so and not wonder off into the desert.

10. Thou shall push hard when ordered to do so (rush) and shoot thine enemy in the flank and rear as you pass, staying close to thine bretheren, thou shall not mince around and hesitate like an old woman in a jumble sale.

11. Thou shall watch cricket or rugby but not "football".

Breaking the above rules will result in driving an M3 Lee for a set number of kills. Repeat offenders will be stoned to ingame death (kicked out of the clan to go and play randoms or join a "proper clan" where people spend all day posting battle results from randoms, bitching about nothing, fretting over "stats", and occasionally getting into a big sweat over Timbuktu or some other CW dump).

Footnote on gold ammo in TC: Use it if you can afford it, show me a unicum who doesnt use gold and I will show you a liar.

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Re: The Ten Commandments

Post by zmeleron on Fri Mar 29, 2013 5:01 am

amen brother!


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