Rule changes to skirmishes and clan.

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Rule changes to skirmishes and clan.

Post by captain_karpov on Thu Oct 27, 2016 10:28 am

Point 1.

In light of the fact that people from other clans can join other clans skirmishes I have decided to drop the compulsory attendance rule.

Thanks to those who have made the effort to attend thus far. But from now on it is optional if you come. Also it is optional if you get an invite from the FC.

If you do not like the tactics of the FC then please do not come!

If a new person is FCing however please be supportive and polite and give them a few months at least to find their tactics before you judge them. We need new people to FC, not just talk about it!

There will be no bad feeling whatsoever on my part towards people who never join my skirmishes or indeed anyones skirmishes (on the contrary if you don't like my or another FCs tactics then I would very much appreciate it if you do not join, if you think you can do better then make your own skirmish), however we are a social clan as well as a team mode sort of clan so you can be a full member of VIC with different priorities and I will not hassle anyone over this, unless your random game win rate is pretty bad, in which case you may be shown the door.

The recruitment rule will remain however, no recruits without my approval.

Point 2.

If in a skirmish you disobey 2 direct orders in one session then the FC will drop you for at least 24 hours, regardless of rank, age or how long you have been in the clan.

Point 3.

In the unlikely event we run out of space for good team mode members then random game players will be kicked out to make room (lowest 1000 game WR first out). This is unlikely to happen but I want to be clear well in advance.


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