A three-week break of kolczas

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A three-week break of kolczas

Post by kolczas on Sun Sep 14, 2014 3:53 am

I realised I waste to much time on gaming so I decided to do 2-3 weeks vacation from tanks. I will back in October. In this time I will resolve few personal issues like looking for new job, trip to mountains, buying a car etc.
I am not sure if I'll pass Karpovs 30 sept. challenge, based on my 1-13.09.2014 winrate (I dont know how to check in noobmeter periodtime winrate). If I won't pass, I wil try to improve my stats/winrate and after that I will rejoin clan.

Meanwhile have fun guys Wink I'll look on the forum sometimes. Jazda Chop Chop !

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